WELCOME - To the world of scent detection and K9 Nose work®.


What is K9 Nose work® ?  

The innovative dog sport of Nosework teaches the dog to use its olfactory ability (nose) to find a trained odor source ( essential oil's), and then tell the handler that they have found the source of the odor.  Nosework utilizes the dog's natural ability to hunt by using its nose. Most importantly your dog has fun.  Compared with other K9 scent training, you and your dog are not limited to specific areas.

Nose Work can be done anywhere, anytime!   

What is unique about the sport of Nosework is that  dogs of all shapes and sizes can succeed.

Dogs that are environmentally reactive or fearful have done remarkably well. Dogs that may have had a difficult time  working in a class setting do extremely well because only one dog works at a time.

K9 Nose Work® is  Fun for your Dog!


The Nose Work Handler.
Book Reviews

Fred has skillfully combined science with practical handling exercises to provide a foundation for the Nose Work dog handler. Learning to handle your dog is a skill acquired over time.

This book will help you to become a skillful handler.

Ron Gaunt, co-founder of K9 Nose Work


This book serves as a practical and informational guide for anyone involved in canine nose work.

Susan M. Stejskal

author of “Death, Decomposition, and Detector Dogs”


“I always enjoy Fred’s perspective on the game of nose work and this book is no exception. I especially enjoy his personal stories, which are sure to make any reader smile.”

Dana Zinn, CPDT-KA, CNWI

      Zinn Dog Training, LLC


“This is a great book that I highly recommend.

Fred Helfers clearly explains what the Nose work handler can do to improve their handling performance".

   "Good on ya, Fred.”

Marion Brand, CNWI, Founder of Australian Canine Scent Work (ACSW). 

** International orders please contact Fred for            shipping rates.



“I recommend this seminar, it is a must see for Instructors !”  Amy Herot – Co Founder - K9 nose work® -  Olfaction and Odor Seminar .


“I attended your Olfaction and Odor seminar in Oregon this summer  ……I wanted to tell you about our recent success, with him and my other dog a (12 lb. mixed breed), because I believe I owe most of it to you and that seminar.  A couple of thing you said in your seminar really clicked for me.  I had two NW 2 trials and both dogs were successful in passing the trials-no problem…..Thanks again for all your insight and great ideas. I always believed my both of my dogs are really good and love the game, but ( after your seminar) I feel like I now have the understanding I need to really excel in this super fun sport!”

Regards,  Kathy …with True and Piper,  Portland Oregon. 


Fred,  I was so energized by your Olfaction and Odor presentation and realize there is so much more to learn about scent work. 

Susie and Halle, Portland Oregon 


One of the best “Nosework Seminars I have been to”. “ This seminar is absolutely not one to miss”… Terri & Peaches  -Handler Error Seminar.


 “I have had heard other speakers on odor and air movement, but this seminar really (explained it well) with a down to earth approach. I will take away many great ideas today that will help me with my instructions for teaching my own classes!”  

Olfaction and Odor seminar,  Pat - Wisconsin


“I learned so much more about reading my dog “–

Olfaction and Odor seminar,  Dolores - Wisconsin .


“Very informative and entertaining! Good balance of verbal and visual materials”.

Olfaction and Odor seminar, Leanne – California     


Competitive Edge Seminar - Irvine, CA  

The presentation was laid out very well and you discussed the topics we were looking for.  The discussions had all the information and the training tips were outstanding.  The flow of the presentation kept us engaged from how to train to how to use our training in competition.

Chris & Laura.


Training Manuals


Over the past 30 years Fred Helfers has designed, written and utilized a professional K9 detection dog handler manual and K9 team record keeping Journal.       

Fred has taken this concept and adapted these handler training methods for utilization by the Nosework dog handler.


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