Nosework Training Bowls

                Handler and Professional models  

Nosework Training Bowls™  Description

The Nosework Training Bowl™ evolved from my experience in training professional accelerant detection dogs and has developed into utilizing them for Nosework handler training drills. In collaboration with engineer Brian Stearns, a Nosework Dog enthusiast the Nosework Training Bowls™ are designed for the Nosework team and trainer.

As a trainer, I wanted an easy, clean, training tool that would help the dog focus on hunting for odor, yet enhance the training of the handler at the same time. The Nosework Training Bowls™ are designed to hold the odor in the bottom of the bowl as the dog is hunting for the trained odor.  Once the dog has located the source of the odor in the correct bowl they are then rewarded with a food treat. Of course, the design of the Nosework Training Bowl™ enables the handler to readily “pair” the odor source during these handler drills.

The Nosework Training Bowl™ is designed to be used in conjunction with Nosework box drills that I have designed for the handler.

Also, they can easily be utilized to introduce an odor source. Utilizing stainless steel bowls with polypropylene odor vials makes clean up after the exercises easy. 

You can use a Nosework Training Bowl™ to pair an odor source with a treat and prevent your dog from becoming frustrated.

Without the Nosework Training Bowl ™  when you  place a treat inside a box, and the treat is not immediately accessible to the dog, you will frustrate the dog which can lead your dog to jumping on, biting or digging at the odor box (sometimes called "box-happy").

Training with the Nosework Training Bowls ™ will help to extinguish this unwanted behavior.

With the Nosework Training Bowl,™ an odor source is placed in the inaccessible vial at the bottom of the bowl. The design of the bowl places the odor source at the bottom of the bowl. The dog inhales the trained odor while it eats the treat. Your dog focuses inside the bowl while you reinforce the odor source with minimal distraction.

Nosework Training Bowls™ also provide an effective tool to encourage a dog to stay at odor while being rewarded.  

Each set of Nosework Training Bowls™  (handler model) comes with 10 stainless steel bowls and 10 pre-drilled odor vials and assembly instructions. **

Price: $49.95 + $15.00 Freight (Flat Rate USPS*)  + $3.62 (Tax 7.25%) = Total: $68.57 (United States)

*Due to recent increases in USPS rates, final shipping costs may vary.                                                                       ** Boxes not included - "Shipments are via USPS ONLY"... "Use of another carrier will require special arrangements and change shipping costs.  Please advise". 




Nosework Training Bowls -  Video's

 Professional Model Nosework Training Bowls.

These professional model training bowls were designed for the professional detection dog handler or Nosework instructor in mind.

Similar to the high quality stainless steel handler model Nosework Training Bowls, however a custom made stainless steel screen has been incorporated to the bottom of the bowl!   Additionally, the vial that attaches to the bottom of the bowl has been enlarged to hold larger amounts of training material for the professional detection dog team.  These modifications will enable the instructor or professional detection dog handler to incorporate various odor materials as required within their training modalities.  The professional sets of ten bowls and vials will be manufactured according to orders placed. We estimate a 7-10 day turn around time for filling orders. 


Each set of the Professional Model Nosework Training Bowls™  comes with 10 stainless steel bowls and 10 pre-drilled odor vials and assembly instructions. **

Cost is $80.00 + $15.00 Freight (Flat Rate USPS*) + $5.63 (Tax 7.25%) = Total $100.63 (United States) 

  **Boxes not included -"Shipments are via USPS ONLY"... "Use of another carrier will require special arrangements and change shipping costs.  Please advise". 

Nosework ScentTubes - The new Portable Hide!
  • You can take it with you anywhere because the Cap ​seals with an o'ring made from silicone.

  • There is enough space for 3 Q-tips inside the tube... plenty of scent area!

  • The body of the Scent Tubes(tm) contains a ​ very strong​ magnet that allows you to place the tube anywhere on 

    ​a ​steel / iron surface.

  • They are very compact - 10 them can fit in your pocket without any problems of scent migration.

  • Cap also contains a small ​powerful ​magnet, allowing you to store ​on a metal pin, buckle or other type of magnetic surface. 

  • The Caps ​have a tendency to​ cluster in your pocket, making them easier to retrieve.

  • The little recess the back of the tube allows you to apply ​putty or other sticky material ,​ to attach ​ ScentTubes (tm)​ to any rough ​/​ nonmetallic surface​.  .

  • ScentTubes(tm) are packaged in groups of three.  


   Cost : $10.00  + $3.50 shipping.   (Ca residents subject to tax.)  

    Shipping to  US Locations... you will be contacted, by email, if it exceeds this freight estimate.  

    *Multi-Set Pack and International Export will be quoted individually. Contact: for quote.

     Please include zip / postal code.

The  Bone Pin ! 

                                         A great accessory for the Nosework Training Bowls.               Created by Brian Stearns. 


      This great device was designed to assist you in cutting the template holes for your Nosework Training Bowl boxes               and it will help you keep your scent Tube caps in one place and easy to find.  Made of High quality stainless steel it           is easily attached to your shirt, jacket or hat by two strong magnets located on the back.     

        Watch Video:     Organizer for ScentTubes(tm) -

               Watch Video:   Box Cutting Guide                 -

   Cost :  $10.00  + $3.50 shipping.   (Ca residents subject to tax.)  .   

                                             It ships free when combined with most orders!

    Shipping to  US Locations...  

     International Export will be quoted individually. Contact: for quote.  Please include zip / postal code. 

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