K9-Remote Reward System      
 The K9 - Remote Reward System is a training method that is simple in design and nature,  which will enable an efficient, timely and almost immediate reward to be delivered remotely by the handler.   Incorporating  the classical conditioning of rewarding at the source of odor, the K9 – Remote Reward System will develop a strong hunt drive, focus on odor obedience and teach your dog handler independence.                    

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Choose from 3 "packages" to enhance your Detection Dog Training! 

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The "Handler" Package.
Begin your scent training with a single remote K9 RRS device and build upon your foundation by adding up to 3 more remote K9 RRS devices  
The "Premium Package"
Enhance your training by using two K9 RRS devices. Build Odor Obedience, Hunt Drive and Handler independence with multiple K9 RRS devices. Add more  devices as you and your dog gain experience.
The "Ultimate" Package.
Elevate your dog teams training to the next level by incorporating all four remote training devices to build your detection dog team's training.  Perfect for the Instructor / Trainer who wants to incorporate direct reward training into their training regime. 

International customers : Contact Fred Helfers  for   International Sales at this time.  please contact helfersk9@gmail.com for further information.

Want to learn more about the K9 Remote Reward System ?
Click on the K9 RRS Tutorial tab and you will have access to video tutorials and a downloadable Instructional manual on the K9 RRS.      It's FREE !

 K9 - Remote Reward System
Introduction Video

Here's what the K9 Remote Reward System will do for you and your dog!

  1. Build Independence and Hunt drive in your Dog.

  2. Reinforce Obedience to Odor.

  3. Eliminate Handler Influence or "cueing". 

Contact Information:

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email: helfersk9@gmail.com 

website: www.fredhelfers.com

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