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The K9 - Remote Reward System is a training method that is simple in design and nature,  which will enable an efficient, timely and almost immediate reward to be delivered remotely by the handler.   Incorporating  the classical conditioning of rewarding at the source of odor, the K9 – Remote Reward System will develop a strong hunt drive, focus on odor obedience and teach your dog handler independence.                    Click on Videos below

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Expected release date,  beginning of 2022.
For inquiries contact Fred at helfersk9@gmail.com

 K9 - Remote Reward System
Introduction Video

 K9 - Remote Reward System video description 

Field exercises with the
K9 Remote Reward System 

"Bacon" and "Libby" Training with the
K9 - Remote Reward System  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How is the K9-RRS device different from just pairing on odor source with a treat?  When a treat is “paired” with an odor source it is usually placed on top of or in close proximity with the odor source. The K9- RRS allows for the reward treat to be placed a distance away from the odor source, yet be delivered remotely at the source of odor, at a time determined by the handler. Reinforcing the belief that “odor pays”, the handler is a neutral party during this reward process.

2.    Should I begin training with the RRS even though my dog has not been introduced to a target odor?   It is recommended that you become familiar with the drills in Phase 1. 

3.    What type of treats can I use?   Hard or semi hard, solid high value treats, usually round in shape that will fit in the reward tube are the best. There are a variety on the market. I prefer to use freeze dried, raw treats. Recommended type of treats will be discussed in a tutorial video on my website fredhelfers.com.  Do Not use really soft treats such as shredded chicken or similar as they will block the reward system.

4.    Can I use multiple treats at one time?    The K9 RRS is designed for single treats to be rewarded during the training phases, to promote a “one and you’re done” theory, thereby building your dog’s hunt drive.   However, during the initial introductory stage when using the RRS with scent bowls or boxes you can load multiple treats into the Reward Tube located on top of the control box. I would suggest no more than 3-4.  Depending on their size multiple treats can jam the Reward Tube.

5.    My dog appears disturbed by the muted clicking sound of the RRS control box. What should I do?  I would recommend pairing the sound with something neutral and giving the dog a huge food reward. We want to create positive associations to the muted sound BEFORE we start detection dog exercises/games. Introduce the control box from a distance (10-20 ft away) located on a table or chair.  Simply press the associated remote control button to activate the control box muted sound as you are having your dog play a favorite game.  Do this repeatedly, until your dog demonstrates a comfortable behavior with the control box.


6.    I have a dog that really enjoys a toy or ball reward can I incorporate that modality into training with the K9-RRS?  The Remote Reward System is a food reward system that is designed to build the dog’s foundation such as:
a.    Hunting (searching) for an odor source independent of the handler, 
b.    Being rewarded at the source of the odor independent of the handler, 
c.    Displaying behavior that demonstrates the dog is focused on the source of the odor, not you. 
d.    Once the dog is focused on the source of odor, not the handler, THEN you can incorporate a toy or ball reward from the handler. 
e.    DO NOT rush this presentation.  Sometimes giving the dog it’s favorite Tug Toy or Ball at the end of the training exercise is a good way to introduce the “alternate reward”.

7.    How many K9 RRS devices can I train with at one time?      The remote FOB for the K9 Remote Reward System can be programmed for up to four remote devices to be used in one training session. Utilizing multiple devices will allow the instructor/ handler to present multiple hides in different locations during one training exercise.

8.    I only ordered one K9-RRS device, Can I order more and have them programmed to one remote?  Yes, programming other RRS devices to one remote is a simple process that will be explained in a video tutorial on my website fredhelfers.com. If you are not comfortable reprogramming the remote fob, simply contact Fred Helfers at helfersk9@gmail.com and arrangement to have that service completed by the factory. 

9.    I do not have a second K9 RRS device. How do I build on my dogs training with the K9 - Remote Reward System?  One way is utilizing blank PVC Tubes with 45 or 90 degree connectors attached to the end of the tubes. (As demonstrated in a tutorial video on my website fredhelfers.com) Place the tubes at random throughout the exercise room. This will allow you to provide a series of training exercises with “blank” visual cues while repeatedly moving the location of the one K9-RRS device.  Or you can simply upgrade to include multiple K9-RRS to increase and build upon your detection dog training!   

Here's what the K9 Remote Reward System will do for you and your dog!

  1. Build Independence and Hunt drive in your Dog.

  2. Reinforce Obedience to Odor.

  3. Minimize Handler Influence or "cueing". 

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