Videos and Trainers Tips 

These "Videos and Training tips" will be of a general sport detection dog nature, however please feel free to contact me directly if you have a specific question or training concern.

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Video List

1. Do Dogs really Understand what we say?   Watch how Fred is working with Deidre and Zola the Doberman in Australia. During a leash handling session Fred states that he wants the Fan turned off . Turn up your volume and be amazed !
2. Leash Handling using the longlineSandi and Halley demonstrate proper leash handling techniques using the longline.
3. Converging Odors on Vehicles- Darcy and Jenny the Lab work converging odors on vehicles. Watch the slow motion of Jenny as she determines where the source of the odor is!
4. How the Wind moves Odor. - Watch as Emi and her handler work an inaccessible hide on a flag pole in strong winds.  Emi is simply amazing as she details the scent cone coming from the Flag pole. 
5. Hanging Cup Drill.  I designed this drill for two reasons. First watch as the dog uses the wind to work the scent cone underneath the cups. This will build odor obedience and teach the dog to work inaccessible hides.  Secondly, The drill educates the handler as to recognizing the dogs COB when locating an odor source which is suspended and influenced by a breeze. Excellent work by a great team!  Well done !

6. Working with a fast dog!  Fred and Milo in Sweden 2017. The key here is to work with the dogs energy while not overly controlling, but guiding it through the search area. I first guide Milo around the perimeter while watching for any changes of behavior. In the process, Milo shows me a slight interest in the center and on the side of the building near the window.  Milo then finds and alerts to a corner hide, is then quickly rewarded and allowed to finish the perimeter. I then guide Milo back to the area where he gave me a change of behavior in the center. (always keep in mind the wind direction) after alerting to  center hide I then guide him quickly back to the wall (at downwind corner) and let him work the scent cone to source!  Fast dogs require the handler to use the energy of the dogs but to learn to work as a team. ( by the way, this is the first time I have worked with this dog...lots of FUN !!!. Thank you Jennifer and Marie for the video. 
7. Maggie and Riley, a Nosework Elite team using the downwind side of a search area.  Watch as Maggie handles her dog Riley in a back yard exercise. Maggie expertly guides her dog using the downwind side and patiently allows Riley to work out the scent picture while encountering various scent cones. 
8. Maggie and Riley - Vehicle Exercise.
Watch as Maggie and Riley work 3 vehicles with 3 hides in less than 60 seconds. The team starts with the wind at the handlers back and quickly moves to the most productive area which is the far downwind corner. Pay attention to the pink surveyors tape hanging from the handlers belt. It will show you the wind direction!

9. Imprinting an Odor with Fred and Libby.
Libby is introduced to the Nosework Training Bowls and scent boxes for the imprintation of the odor of Birch.  Watch 3 video clips as Libby detects, locates and responds to the birch odor emanating from the Nosework training bowls. The goal here is to have Libby locate and give a final response to the odor of Birch. The Nosework Training Bowls help facilitate this goal by holding the odor in the bowls, closer to source. Pay attention how Libby is rewarded by treats being dropped into the specific odor bowl thereby rewarding at Source and reinforcing the odor of birch.
10. Anita and Porter - Porter demonstrates two distinct changes of behavior
Watch as Anita handles Porter through a dog potty area at the San Diego animal shelter and patiently allows Porter to work towards a trained source. Porter will display two distinct COB's one for dog urination and one for a trained source.

11. Jean and Captain - Working Pooling Odor exercise on elevated hides.
Captain is working a difficult elevated hide. It is located approximately 4ft. up the wall under the electrical outlet.
Jean allows Captain to work the area very well, and Captain exhibits some really good COB while attempting to go to source.  
12. Elevated Hides - Training to go to source.
Young and inexperienced dogs sometimes have problems following an odor to source. A few sessions of training your dog to go to source up off the ground builds confidence and focus. Please use caution, sometimes older or arthritic dogs cannot or may not want to do this task. So take it a little at a time. Small repetitive steps build success!
13. Reading your dog ...What is your dog telling you.  
Lillian and Zindy work a crowded patio setting with the wind really swirling. Watch as Lillian does a great job handling her dog and most importantly letting Zindy tell her where the hide location is.

14. Understanding a COB ... Your dog is telling you something!  Risky a nine year old Whippet demonstrates some remarkable COB as he communicates to his handler where the source of the odor is. 

15. Leashwork with Fred and Libby.   Good leash work requires practice ! This video demonstrates the need for practicing foundational leash handling drills. Videotaping your exercises will identify potential problem areas that may arise.

16. Obtaining Focus on Containers.This video shows Fred working with Jean Mackenzie and Snippet on Containers.  The original drill on handling skills, quickly became a drill to focus Snippet on working objects. In this case Nosework training bowls and boxes. Snippet is a highly energetic dog who loves to play and please the handler, but with little focus on odor and objects.  Fred demonstrates to Jean and the class on how to obtain that focus with simple repetitive exercises for the dog. (The video is about 4.5 minutes)